“Go big or go home.”

Canadian Air Force Award

Prize List and Winnings Breakdown

  • 1 Pair Stealth Gloves
  • 1 Schiek Jump Sling
  • 1 Icaro Jump Helmet
  • 1 Ski or Die Shirt
  • 1 Day of Jump Coaching

Over $1000.00 worth of Value


The award will come out at the Canadian Nationals Banquet


Video Submission Guidelines

  • Deadline:Monday August 6th Video's submitted. Friday August 10th we will collect the data, determine which video had the most likes, and then tally up the votes.
  • Length:30 -60 second video
  • Content:The video that wins will exemplify; Canadian Spirit, Love for Jumping, Athletes commitment to the sport of jumping, Creativity within the video.
  • Submission Location:Submit to: as a video in an email attachment, a link to the dropbox or Google Drive file, or a link to your video on YouTube
  • Social Media:If you have an Instagram account, please include your Instagram handle/name in the submission email and we will tag you in the caption/comment when it is posted.
  • The video's will all post Tuesday August 7th on WSC's Instagram page, and people can start watching and liking the video's. Most Likes get's one of the three votes!


  • WSWC will download all video submissions to post under WSC on Facebook or Instagram on Tuesday August 7th!


  • There will be 3 total votes. Ryan Dodd, Steve Bush, and the third will come from the video that gets the most likes when posted to the WSC Instagram or Facebook Account.
  • The final voting tally will be a weighted sum between the audience, Ryan Dodd, Steve Bush, and the Video with the most likes. ( 3 totalVotes )

The audience can vote by liking a submission video on Instagram. All videos will be posted August 7th, and have the week of nationals to tally up likes. Friday, Aug 10th, we will cut off likes on Instagram and collect the votes


Canadian Air Force Award

Ryan has partnered up with a few of his supporters to create an opportunity for a Canadian Athlete to win the best gear available and a day of lessons.

The winner will receive:

  - 1 pair Stealth Gloves

        - 1 Schiek Jump sling

        - 1 Icaro jump helmet

  - 1 day of jump coaching

$1000.00 Canadian worth of value

“Go big or go home.”


Instructions for Award Submissions:

  • Submit a 1-2 Minute video exemplifying the following; Canadian spirit, Passion for jumping, Creative content, Commitment to excellence in sport.